Which candle color to use to manifest your intentions.

The candle color you choose you choose is very important since each color holds different vibrations. Here are a few examples of what each color can be used for.

White: Purification, truth, calmness, inspiration, clairvoyance and new beginnings.

Yellow: Illumination, communication, legal work, court cases, self confidence, hidden talents.

Orange: Success, joy, optimism, sexuality, friendship and courage.

Gold: Success, abundance, business, finance, luck, health and divine protection.

Green: Growth, money, abolishes jalousy and to get things started.

Blue: Peace, familly, home, matrimony,

Turquoise: Creativity, serenity, spirituality, protection, inspiration

Red: Passion, love, action, movement, sexuality, courage and will

Pink: Friendship, sweetness, attraction, success, friendship, raising awareness

Grey: Unblocking situations, neutralises negative influences, objectivity.

Purple: Ancestors, royalty, victory, spiritual elevation, spiritual elevation.

Black: Banishing negative energy or entities, breaks the evil eye, helps get rid of bad habits.

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