What does each astrological sign truly wants from us?

Each sign teaches the opposite of its stereotype.

Aries teaches peace in the face of conflict,

Taurus non-materialism in the face of security issues,

Gemini truth-telling when con-games could be easier,

Cancer expansion and universal nurturing rather than control,

Leo humility and teamwork rather than arrogance and self-absorption

Virgo visionary fecundity rather than critical sterility,

Libra decisive leadership rather than dragging down the teeter-totter,

Scorpio healing forgiveness and empowerment rather than jealous power-mad stinging

Sagittarius spiritual flight rather than arrow-flight,

Capricorn freedom and guilt-release rather than control and guilt.

Aquarius watery compassion rather than airy air-headedness or heartless control

Pisces to uplift us to higher spiritual realms out of the sea of ignorance

Thus the archetype is opposite the stereotype, and we transcend our worldly personality karma to develop and show higher love of humanity and the divine.

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