Quick Moon cycle guide

New Moon: The new moon is a time for fresh starts and rejuvenation and setting new intentions. Visualize what you want to achieve and light your candles and set your intentions.

Waxing Moon: Setting intentions, hopes, and desires, as well as being the ideal time to work on self-confidence and compassion.

The First quarter Moon: This is when challenges, decisions, and actions come into play so this is when we take the time to inwards and reflect on your intentions and their obstacles, now’s the time to make decisions. Use the phase to overcome any resistance we may face along the way.

Waxing Gibbous Moon : Here we refine, and edit intentions in the face of the challenges from the first quarter.Reciting positive daily affirmations will give us the confidence to evolve and transform during the Full Moon.

Full Moon: Most powerful lunar phase, the most charged spiritual phase. Emotions run high. New opportunities and power surges are often available to those ready to accommodate them. Full Moons are a time of letting go and releasing, quit habits, leave bad situations behind, and focus on healing. Time to charge your crystals and take nice cleansing salt baths and of course light your candles.

Waning gibbous Moon: This is the time to take stock including revisiting your intentions. Expressing gratitude is essential now.

Last quarter Moon: This is the time of letting go anything that is no longer serving us, making it the ideal opportunity to clean, cleanse, and purge, clean house, clear karma and do your cord cutting.

Balsamic Moon: Now is the time to surrender to whatever has happened that is out of our control, rest, focus, and reflect, be still and be at peace.

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