7th Chakra : Crown, Pineal, purple

" I understand"

Top of the head, deals with cosmic energy

is blocked by ego attachement.

Highest spiritual center, deals with inner knowing

inspiration, spirituality and divine understanding,

Purple is the color of spirituality and our connection with our guides and our higher purpose.

6th Chakra : Brow, pituitary, indigo

" I see "

3rd eye, intuition, insight

is blocked by Illusion

emotional intelligence, lucidity, trust

Indigo is the color of mysticism, self mastery

wisdom, clear seeing and spiritual psychic gifts

5th Chakra: Throat, thyroid, turquoise

" I talk"

Deals with truth and is blocked by lies

Personal expression, criticism, judgement,

creative expression, communication, inspiration

speak your truth,

Color of Unconditional love, playfulness and inner child

4th Chakra: Heart, Thymus, green

" I love"

Deals with love and is blocked by grief.

Experience love, center of emotional body, hope

trust, compassion, acceptance, sincerity.

Bitterness, resentment.

Green is the symbol of compassion, healing

new growth.

3rd Chakra: Solar plexus, adrenals, pancreas, yellow

" I do"

Deals with willpower and is blocked by shame

Experience strength, power, will, self esteem, determination

self confidence, sensitivity, making decisions.

Yellow is the color of mind and intellect and joy

2nd Chakra: Sacral, spleen, ovaries, testicles, Orange

" I feel"

Deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt.

Creativity, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, sociability

relationships, creative power.

Orange is the symbol of energy, creativity, vitality and health.

1st Chakra: Root, Adrenals, testicles, Red

" I am"

Deals with survival and is blocked by fear

Survival, safety, security, standing up for oneself,

grounding, connection to the earth, physical body

stability, comfort, energy.

Red is our strength and vitality, power. love, anger.

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