Candle flame meanings

Here are a few of the meanings of how to interpret the flame of your candle when you do ritual work or prayer or set intentions.

Tall strong flame : Your spirit guides are pushing your intentions to great heights to help your goals and manifestation.

Low flame : It doesn't have the energy to push the intent into completion. There might be an obstacle or a problem and more work is needed.

Steady flame : Spirit is working on clear solid results.It is positive indication the candle is doing its job.

Dancing Flame : There is some resistance or interference in the environment. The higher the flame jumps the more resistance there is.

Flickering flame: Is announcing the arrival of a spirit and a spirit is present and wants you to know.

Crackling flame : There is interference or resistance, loud crackling and frequent sputtering warns of arguments.

Dimming flame: Low energy

Flame self extinguishes : Means that the work is done, complete or your prayer was received by the spirit world.

Black smoke : Spirit is removing negative vibrations.

White smoke : Elevated spirits are overseeing the situation.

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