Upcoming solar eclipse message

Message for the upcoming eclipse ( new moon). Building Bridges -Feel” the strength within you, don’t allow fear to discourage you – recognize that your position is always stronger than you think it is. Never be indecisive or allow yourself to sink into anxiety or depression. Come to a clear course of action and your self- confidence will return to overcome the anxieties and outer problems. Always have complete trust in your “inner” voice. Remain patient, make no unwise decisions – do not feel threatened, for you are never alone. Freedom - It is time now to allow yourself to experience the generosity and freedom as you begin to give your life some structure. Grasping material possessions to tightly only closes you off from personal development. Honor your inner and outer limits now. Once you have become completely centered and stable within yourself, having found the security “within” – you will no longer need to hold onto anything in the material world. You will recognize that when you are confronted with loss or obstacles, you need only establish new plans and have them ready.

And to finish the fabian symbol for the solar eclipse 28 degrees and 53 min

A MERMAID HAS CLIMBED TO THE ROCKY SHORE OF A BLEAK COAST, SHE AWAITS THE PRINCE WHO WILL BRING HER IMMORTALITY This Symbol shows the desire to find a partner or a place in the world where you feel you belong and can contribute; finding a place to ‘come ashore’ in life, establish a career and a life that feels worthwhile. You will be able to make sense of your intuitive or creative thoughts as you grow and find both your feet and your voice. In finally being able to verbalize things into rational expression, you will be creating from your intuitive wisdom. However, there needs to be a caution against expecting others to verify your existence through your relationship with them. Being self reliant whilst inviting others into your life is the balance here. Coming into conscious form. New ways of being. Transformation. Emerging evolution. Finding love in difficult times. Waiting for one's “prince” or “princess” to come. Soul mates.

(linda Hill)

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