Eclipse season reading

On sunday i pulled a card about the new moon and this first card on top came out, transformation and shift, so this morning i decided to go in deeper on the meaning of this transformation and this is what came out. The first card is the Moon so yes we had a new moon sunday but we also have the opening gate for the eclipse season as the first is August 7th lunar eclipse, the Moon is the feminine its going inwards, it is also the threshold to new levels of consciousness, new experience, its releasing the past entering into a new level of consciousness, like they say "its darkest before dawn". The next card is the 4 of wands, this is the card of celebration which marks the end if difficulties, completion, where all opposites come together and connect at the center. The harmony of male and female, active and passive. Its venus and Aries so beauty and love and Aries the principle of new beginnings. Before the new can arise, the old must be complete so conflicts must be resolved in a way which will further you on way toward your highest goal. So keep in mind " completing the old frees me for the new". The last card Ace of pentacles, unification the body and soul, material and spirit, wholeness time for harmonic union. The more grounded we are in our bodies, the fewer difficulties will arise during this integration process. The deeper the roots reach into the earth, the higher the soul will be able to soar. The Ace of pentacles mirrors your readiness to live a life that is inwardly and outwardly rich. Its now time for you to manifest your most desired ambitions. The Ace of pentacles is also related to the constellation Ophiucus so this means all within the next month!!! So yes the next month of these great solar eclipses💫. Take advantage of these great openings ahead ride this wave with your heart 💜 and open yourself up to Grace and Magic 💫 Nathalie

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