Nathalie has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:
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When you book a reading you have a choice of a Tree of Life birth chart or a Tarot reading. When you book a Tree of Life birth chart i need your birth information as i prepare the chart before we connect. The Tree of Life birth chart is a bit different from a regular birth chart, i give you the information of your planets and houses but you also receive the angels ( main lessons) in details that are related to each degree of your planets in your birth chart, once you book the reading i prepare your chart, send it to you by pdf and once on the phone i explain the details and we finish with me pulling a few cards if you have any questions.  For the tarot, the type of readings i do are not predictive, i mostly guide you, together we have a look at your state of awareness in relation to what is in front you at this present time. as i am a believer that we create our reality, it is not my place to create yours, but to help guide you so that you can release the blockages that keep you from entering a higher state of awareness
It is about the understanding of the deeper the  messages hidden behind the symbolism of each life event so you can in turn embark on your destined path. I do suggest that if you choose a mix of both, to book an hour and a half consultation. If you are going through a hard time, it is possible to just book a tarot consultation. 

All readings are available by phone and Skype 

-60 min readings are 80$ include
Astrology tree of life birth chart
including meaning of each degree
or Astro-tarot combination 

-60 min- 80$
-90 min- 120$

Once purchased, when i receive the payment, i will send you an email so that you can send me your birth information and we will book the Skype session at  that time.